Comparing Yellow Gold vs White Gold – Which is Right for You?

In choosing the perfect jewellery, two outstanding competitors, yellow Gold and white Gold, stand out with their distinct features and advantages. These metals, each with their unique charm, provide a fascinating choice for those looking for elegance in their jewellery. It’s like choosing between classic and modern.

Choosing the perfect precious metal for jewellery is a decision that relies on personal style and preferences. It’s a style statement. Yellow Gold represents tradition and heritage, while white Gold defines modernity and versatility.

Let’s explore every aspect of these two metals and find the best choice for yourself.

What Is White Gold?

People ask Is white gold Gold? Yes! White Gold is also made up of pure Gold in combination with at least one other metal like Platinum, nickel, or silver. Adding these metals to pure Gold affects its color to a whiter shade. That’s how white gold is made. The delicate, shiny look of white Gold is incomplete without rhodium coating. The white gold color is due to this plating.

Rhodium Plating

White Gold has a thin layer of rhodium that makes it more lustrous. Rhodium plating adds fineness to jewellery. Often, ladies complain, white gold turning yellow. It’s due to the deterioration of the rhodium coating. Over time, white Gold changes to Pale, brown, or dull hues. Rhodium plated rings  need maintenance every few years to preserve their color.

What Is Yellow Gold?

Copper and zinc alloy with pure gold to produce yellow gold. Yellow Gold is not pure. It’s an Alloy of pure Gold. We can’t use Gold for jewellery in its purest form. It is as soft as it can be worn easily. Therefore, other metals are used to increase the strength and durability of Gold.

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Difference Between Yellow Gold and White Gold

Overall, if we compare Gold vs White Gold, both are the same yet different. Both Contain Gold, but alloying metals change their properties. Yellow Gold includes warm metals( brass, copper, etc.), which makes it look more classic. White Gold skims are cool, fancy, and trendy. 

White Gold vs Yellow Gold

Difference between Gold vs White Gold

Yellow GoldWhite Gold
It is deep yellow. It is a Silvery white shade.
It is more malleable.It is durable for everyday wear.
It is Pron to dents and scratches.Rhodium Coating strengthens it.
It Goes well with many stones.Affordable Platinum alternatives are available.
It suits every skin tone.It can vary with skin tone.
It doesn’t require upkeeping.Maintenance and replating is required.

Pros and Cons Of Yellow Gold vs White Gold


The primary difference between gold vs yellow lies in their appearance. Yellow Gold has a warm and rich yellow color, while white Gold offers a more modern and silvery appearance.


Gold yellow is the alloy of Gold, copper, zinc, etc. The warm color of yellow Gold is due to these metals. At the same time, white Gold is produced by alloying yellow Gold with white metals. Different metals like platinum and nickel participate in the composition of White Gold to give it an elegant appearance.

DO you want to Know about Gold Alloys?


Pure Gold is soft and malleable, so it’s often alloyed with other metals for jewellery-making to increase durability. White Gold, an alloy, tends to be more durable than pure Gold.


Some individuals might be allergic to the alloys used with Gold, especially metals like nickel, often found in white gold alloys.


Gold yellow is like evergreen plants. What’s great about it? 

It keeps shining without much hassle, doesn’t tarnish or rust over time, and requires minimal maintenance. White Gold looks more trendy and stylish. It offers versatility. But it needs maintenance due to the rhodium coating finish.

Gold vs. Diamond characteristics.

Yellow Gold vs White Gold Price

Come rain or shine, yellow and white gold almost have the same prices, especially if the ratio of pure gold is the same. Sometimes, yellow gold prices may slightly differentiate from white gold prices.

The White Gold may be a little more expensive due to additional metals and rhodium platting. But overall, their prices differ Once in a blue moon.

Yellow Gold Ring vs White Gold Ring

White gold and yellow gold rings look elegant and are widely used for engagement rings. The selection between White gold and yellow gold rings relies on factors like a dress, event theme, and, most importantly! Your taste.

yellow gold vs white gold

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, You can say that again: white Gold is real Gold. It contains pure Gold mixed with other white-colored metals, which changes its hue.

Mostly! both have the same rates. But yes! white gold becomes more expensive due to additional metals like Platinum or rhodium coating.

Not really! It depends on what you are looking for. Your taste decides which metal suits you. If you desire a trendy and stylish look, white gold is the option. If your preference is classic and traditional, go for Yellow Gold.

Nops! Though white gold is more popular, it’s like Jumping on the bandwagon. But yellow gold has its charm. Yellow Gold is more classy and never gets out of style! It goes best with a typical traditional look. 

It’s possible to turn gold into white gold. However, there may be negative consequences. You must research before and consider all risk factors. Mostly, rhodium is used for plating of gold.

It depends on which purity of Gold is being used with alloying metals. 18K Gold worth more than 14K Gold. Usually, white Gold worth more than Gold because of alloying metals like Platinum.

Most of people ask, does white gold turn yellow? The answer is yes! Due to scratch and removal of rhodium coating, it turns yellow. Gold yellow again can be turned white again by rhodium coating.



The choice between white and yellow Gold is a matter of individual preference. Each metal stands out with its distinct features and flaws. While white Gold is fancy and durable, its color fades with time and requires maintenance. On the other hand, Yellow Gold doesn’t rust, yet it’s malleable and easily worn. Both types of Gold are popular for jewelry making. Ultimately, the choice between white vs yellow Gold depends on your taste.