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Tola to Gram converter, a user-friendly digital tool, provides exact conversion between Tola to Gram. It’s a handy tool and valuable, too. It is a way to switch between two units and understand their relevance.

Daily, we make a lot of measurements, and different units are used for measuring different commodities. As we navigate through diverse units of weight, The Tola to Gram converter steps in as a bridge between the Tola and Gram Transition. Let’s explore the workings of this Gold converter and its significance.

Gold vs. platinum

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User Guide for Gold Converter

  • Enter the number of tolas or grams.
  • The Gold converter will automatically return the answer.


This article provides a Tola to Gram converter and explores how to change tolas to grams and grams to tolas, making it easier for everyone to understand. Now it’s time to spill the beans; let’s look into the history to find the origin of these measurement units and their relevance. The following topics will be discussed:    

White gold vs. yellow gold

Weight Conversion of units

Conversion between tolas to grams

Gram, the modern and precise unit, measures small quantities. Compared to grams, the Tola is a bigger unit. Tola and Gram are units of mass. We use them to measure the weight of various items. Often, we need to switch between tolas and grams.

1 Tola is equal to 11.66 Grams. In reverse, 1 Gram is equal to 0.085735 tolas. Imagine you have 3 tola Gold; you want to convert 3 tolas Gold into grams. Despite the handy conversion tool being available on the page, we’ve explained the conversion process step by step:

Gold value calculator


  • First, determine the Quantity of Gold. In our case, it’s 3 tola.


  • Mention value of Gram, equivalent to 1 tola.
  • Multiply the number of Tola by 11.66.


  •  Put the values into the following equation and calculate.


Number of Tolas=5

1 Tola = 11.66381 grams

Grams = Tola * 11.66381

Gram = 5*11.66

= 58.31905 grams

Tola to Gram Converter method

Quick Conversion Table (Tola to Gram)

0.1 tola1.166 grams0.1 tola to grams = 1.166
0.2 tola2.333 grams0.2 tola to grams = 2.333
0.3 tola3.499 grams0.3 tola to grams = 3.499
0.4 tola4.666 grams0.4 tola to grams = 4.666
0.5 tola5.832 grams0.5 tola to grams = 5.832
0.6 tola6.998 grams0.6 tola to grams = 6.998
0.7 tola8.165 grams0.7 tola to grams = 8.165
0.8 tola9.331 grams0.8 tola to grams = 9.331
0.9 tola10.497 grams0.9 tola to grams = 10.497
1 tola11.664 grams1 tola to grams = 11.664
2 tola23.328 grams2 tolas to grams = 23.328
3 tola34.991 grams3 tolas to grams = 34.991
4 tola46.655 grams4 tolas to grams = 46.655
5 tola58.319 grams5 tolas to grams = 58.319
6 tola69.983 grams6 tolas to grams = 69.983
7 tola81.647 grams7 tolas to grams = 81.647
8 tola93.31 grams8 tolas to grams = 93.31
9 tola104.974 grams9 tolas to grams = 104.974
10 tola116.638 grams10 tolas to grams = 116.638
20 tola233.276 grams20 tolas to grams = 233.276
30 tola349.914 grams30 tolas to grams = 349.914
40 tola466.552 grams40 tolas to grams = 466.552
50 tola583.19 grams50 tolas to grams = 583.19
60 tola699.828 grams60 tolas to grams = 699.828
70 tola816.466 grams70 tolas to grams = 816.466
80 tola933.104 grams80 tolas to grams = 933.104
90 tola1049.742 grams90 tolas to grams = 1049.74

Conversion between Grams to Tolas

Often, we need to switch between tolas and grams. Though Tola to Gram Converter does this job, we’ve illustrated the manual conversion method. 1 Tola is equal to 11.66 Grams. In reverse, 1 Gram is equal to 0.085735 tolas. In case we want to convert gram into Tola, we will reverse the previous process. Despite the handy conversion tool being available on the page, we’ve explained the conversion process step by step:

Properties of gold


  • First, determine the Quantity of Gold in grams.
  • In our case, it’s 10 grams.


  • Mention value of Gram, equivalent to 1 tola.                       
  • Divide the number of grams by 11.66.


  • Put the values into the following equation and calculate.


Number of Grams=10

Tola= Number of grams / 11.66 

Tola = 10/11.66

= 0.857 Tola

Tola to Gram Converter method

Note: Step by Step visual method for Tola to Gram Conversion

Quick Conversion Chart (Gram to Tola)

0.1 grams0.009 tola0.1 gram to Tola  = 0.009 
0.2 grams0.017 tola0.2 gram to Tola = 0.017 
0.3 grams0.026 tola0.3 gram to Tola= 0.026 
0.4 grams0.034 tola0.4 gram to Tola= 0.034 
0.5 grams0.043 tola0.5 gram to Tola= 0.043
0.6 grams0.051 tola0.6 gram to Tola = 0.051 
0.7 grams0.06 tola0.7 gram to Tola = 0.06 
0.8 grams0.069 tola0.8 gram to Tola = 0.069 
0.9 grams0.077 tola0.9 gram to Tola = 0.077 
1 grams0.086 tola1 gram to Tola = 0.086
2 grams0.171 tola2 grams to Tolas = 0.171 
3 grams0.257 tola3 grams to Tolas = 0.257 
4 grams0.343 tola4 grams to Tolas = 0.343 
5 grams0.429 tola5 grams to Tolas = 0.429
6 grams0.514 tola6 grams to Tolas = 0.514
7 grams0.6 tola7 grams to Tolas = 0.6 
8 grams0.686 tola8 grams to Tolas= 0.686 
9 grams0.772 tola9 grams to Tolas = 0.772 
10 grams0.857 tola10 grams to Tolas = 0.857 
20 grams1.715 tola20 grams to Tolas = 1.715 
30 grams2.572 tola30 grams to Tolas = 2.572 
40 grams3.429 tola40 grams to Tolas = 3.429 
50 grams4.287 tola50 grams to Tolas = 4.287 
60 grams5.144 tola60 grams to Tolas = 5.144
70 grams6.001 tola70 grams to Tolas = 6.001 
80 grams6.859 tola80 grams to Tolas = 6.859 
90 grams7.716 tola90 grams to Tolas = 7.716

History of measurement units


Tola and Gold have been like old buddies since ancient times; this friendship starts on the subcontinent, and their special bond continues. The term “tola” originated from the Sanskrit word “tulā,” which means “balance” or “weight.” It indicates its early association with weighing and measuring items.

The Tola has deep cultural and trade roots in South Asia. Even now, it’s widely used in these regions like Nepal, India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. As a standard unit of weight, it plays a significant role in trading precious items, e.g., Gold, gemstones, etc.


Measuring small quantities has ancient origins; however, these early measurement systems lacked standardization. The term “gram” originates in the Greek word “gramma,” which conveys the meaning of a small weight. But in the 18th century, with the emergence of the metric system, the Gram was introduced as a unit of mass within this system.

Gram is accurate in communication and understanding weight across different measurement systems. Over time, with the evolution of the metric system, the Gram gained widespread international acceptance due to its simplicity and consistency. Now, it is part of the International System of Units (SI). In the digital age, the Gram remains an essential measurement unit.

International gold rates

Some Common Weight Conversions

Tolas to Grams

1.5 tola17.496 grams1.5 tola = 17.496 grams
2 tola23.328 grams2 tola = 23.328 grams
2.25 tola26.244 grams2.25 tola = 26.244 grams
2.5 tola29.16 grams2.5 tola = 29.16 grams
3 tola34.991 grams3 tola = 34.991 grams
3.5 tola40.823 grams3.5 tola = 40.823 grams
4 tola46.655 grams4 tola = 46.655 grams
4.5 tola52.487 grams4.5 tola = 52.487 grams
5 tola58.319 grams5 tola = 58.319 grams
5.5 tola64.13 grams5.5 tola  =64.13 grams
6 tola69.983 grams6 tola = 69.983 grams
6.5 tola75.815 grams6.5 tola = 75.815 grams
7 tola81.647 grams7 tola = 81.647 grams
7.5 tola87.478 grams7.5 tola = 87.478 grams
8 tola93.31 grams8 tola= 93.31 grams
11 tola128.302 grams11 tola = 128.302 grams
12 tola139.966 grams12 tola = 139.966 grams
15 tola174.957 grams15 tola = 174.957 grams
16 tola186.621 grams16 tola = 186.621 grams
17 tola198.285 grams17 tola = 198.285 grams
18 tola209.948 grams18 tola = 209.948 grams
21 tola244.94 grams21 tola = 244.94 grams
25 tola291.595 grams25 tola = 291.595 grams
32 tola373.242 grams32 tola = 373.242 grams
52 tola606.518 grams52 tola = 606.518 grams
52.5 tola612.35 grams52.5 = 612.35 grams
100 tola1166.38 grams100 tola = 1166.38 grams
1000 tola11663.8 grams1000 tola = 11663.8 grams

 Grams to Tolas

0.1 grams0.009 tola0.1 grams = 0.009 tola
0.2 grams0.017 tola0.2 grams = 0.017 tola
0.3 grams0.026 tola0.3 grams = 0.026 tola
0.4 grams0.034 tola0.4 grams = 0.034 tola
0.5 grams0.043 tola0.5 grams = 0.043 tola
0.6 grams0.051 tola0.6 grams = 0.051 tola
0.7 grams0.06 tola0.7 grams = 0.06 tola
0.8 grams0.069 tola0.8 grams = 0.069 tola
0.9 grams0.077 tola0.9 grams = 0.077 tola
1 grams0.086 tola1 grams = 0.086 tola
2 grams0.171 tola2 grams = 0.171 tola
3 grams0.257 tola3 grams = 0.257 tola
4 grams0.343 tola4 grams = 0.343 tola
5 grams0.429 tola5 grams = 0.429 tola
6 grams0.514 tola6 grams = 0.514 tola
7 grams0.6 tola7 grams = 0.6 tola
8 grams0.686 tola8 grams = 0.686 tola
9 grams0.772 tola9 grams = 0.772 tola
10 grams0.857 tola10 grams = 0.857 tola
20 grams1.715 tola20 grams = 1.715 tola
30 grams2.572 tola30 grams = 2.572 tolas
40 grams3.429 tola40 grams = 3.429 tolas
50 grams4.287 tola50 grams  = 4.287 tolas
60 grams5.144 tola60 grams  = 5.144 tolas
70 grams6.001 tola70 grams = 6.001 tolas
80 grams6.859 tola80 grams  = 6.859 tolas
90 grams7.716 tola90 grams = 7.716 tolas

Features of Tola to Gram Converter

5 major features of tola to gram converter are listed:

Unit Conversion

The primary function of a tola to gram converter is to convert measurements from tola to grams and vice versa accurately.

Quick and clear result 

It converts the value quickly, as the user type converter displays the result. The result is clear and quick.


The Tola to Gram converter provides accurate conversions based on the established conversion factor between tola and gram.


Gold converter is responsive and accessible on various devices, including smartphones and tablets.

Decimal Places

Gold converter allows users to input the numbers with decimal places they want in the converted result.

Gold vs. diamond

Frequently Asked Questions

The Tola has historical significance and cultural relevance in regions like South Asia. It has been traditionally used to measure Gold and other precious metals.

1 Tola equal to 11.66 grams. Using this Formula, we can easily convert tolas into grams.

10 tola is equal to 116.638 grams.

100  tola is equal to 1166.38 grams

Use Tola to Gram Converter or to convert grams to tolas, divide the number of grams by 11.66. This conversion allows you to express the weight in the Tola Tola.

To convert tolas to grams, multiply the number of tolas by 11.66. If we write in terms of equations; Number of Tolas * 11.66. Verify your answer by Tola to Gram Converter.


Converting between tolas and grams is crucial for global trade because Gram is universally recognized. So, this gave rise to the necessity of transitioning between tolas and grams. Tola to Gram converter is a reliable source to switch between units. It converts tolas to grams and vice versa. Converting tola to grams is like a bridge between the old and the new.1 tola is like 11.66 grams, but it’s also a link to tradition and modernization.  It’s not only about the weight – actually, it’s about keeping history alive in the modern era.