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Pure Gold

The purity of Gold refers to the fineness of Gold. Naturally, Gold is in its purest form. After the Gold mining and refining process, the obtained Gold is 100% pure. Pure Gold is softer, can be broken, and is difficult to deal with. So, it’s blended with other metals for strongness and durability. It is known as Gold alloy. Today, we will discuss the Purity of Gold and Gold Carats.
Gold carat

Gold Carat

The purity of Gold is measured in Gold Karat. Gold Karat, scaled from 1 to 24, uses different gold measurement units. It’s the fineness of Gold. Gold is categorized by its fineness. High Gold karat means more purity. Lower Gold Carat indicates a higher percentage of other metals. Let’s discuss the different Gold purities.

24 Karat Gold

24 Carat Gold is purest form. The softness and malleability of 24-karat Gold make it unsuitable for jewelry. 24 Carat Gold is 99.99% pure. It cannot be used for jewelry making because of its softness. Gold bars and coins are made of pure Gold.

22 Karat Gold

22-karat Gold is a blend of Gold with other metals. 22 Carat Gold is stronger and more durable. It’s a common choice for jewelry.

18 Karat Gold

18-carat Gold contains a higher quantity of other metals. It has more durability than 22 Karat Gold. 18-karat Gold is robust and suitable for making rings.

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Purity of gold level

Gold Karat Table

Gold KaratGold Percentage
24 Karat Gold99.9%
23 Karat Gold95.8%
22 Karat Gold91.7%
21 Karat Gold87.5%
20 Karat Gold83.3%
19 Karat Gold79.1%
18 Karat Gold75%
17 Karat Gold70.8%
16 Karat Gold66.6%
15 Karat Gold62.5%
14 Karat Gold58.3%
13 Karat Gold54.1%
12 Karat Gold50%
11 Karat Gold45.8%
10 Karat Gold41.7%
9 Karat Gold37.5%
8 Karat Gold33.3

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How to Check the Purity of Gold?

Different methods are available to test gold purity. Some Gold Testing Methods can be easily used at home. Other Gold testing methods are specific to the lab. This article is Jam-packed with information related to testing the Gold purity. Let’s explore the Gold Testing Methods:


Authentic jewelers stamp some information on jewelry as a reference, known as “Hallmarking.” Hallmark gives information about the product, such as gold karat and the manufacturer’s name. Hallmarking is a reliable way to determine the purity of Gold.

Acid Test

Jewelers use the acid test for Testing Gold. It involves using nitric acid to determine the purity of Gold. An item is rubbed with stone or scratched slightly, and a drop of acid is put onto it. The acid will dissolve metal except Gold. Otherwise, the scratch will be dissolved, which means it’s Pure Gold.

Floating Test

Gold possesses high density. If a piece of pure Gold is put into water, it will start sinking. It is one of the easiest ways to check the Purity of Gold. Pure Gold is dense and does not float. However, if other metal mixed with Gold is also dense, it may drown in water. Therefore, this test is not reliable in predicting Gold’s Purity.

Magnet Test

As we know, Gold has non-magnetic properties. If a powerful magnate is brought closer to pure Gold, there will be no effect on Gold. The magnet will attract other metals towards it. The higher the impurity, the higher the attraction will be.

Electronic Gold Testers

Electronic gold testers are also available to test the purity of Gold. As we know, Gold is a superconductor that allows electricity to pass on. Electronic Gold Testers are accurate and quick to measure the purity of Gold.

X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis

This process uses XRF machines. It can provide highly accurate gold purity results without damaging the item.

Fire Assessment

Fire assessment is a highly accurate but complex method that involves melting the Gold and measuring the impurities left behind. This process is not suitable for routine tests; it is used in labs.

Points know about Gold Carat

  • Different metals like copper, silver, platinum, and zinc are mixed with Gold to change its durability for various purposes.
  • The Fineness of Gold also refers to Gold Purity.
  • Gold has a natural yellow shade. An expert can judge it easily by its color.
  • 22 carats and 18 carats are commonly the best choices for jewelry.

Karat vs Carat

Usually, we consider these terms the same, but it’s a misconception. Karat and Carat are both entirely different. Karat determines the purity of Gold, whereas Carat is used to calculate the weight of diamonds. These both belong to different systems. Karat has no link with weight, and Carat has no link with purity levels.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pure Gold doesn’t contain any impurities or metals mixed with it.
It is 99.99% Pure. Pure Gold is not an alloy.

Each Gold Karat level has its properties and is used for different purposes.
24 Carat Gold is the Purest.
22 Carat Gold is suitable for jewelry.
18 Karat Gold is suitable for some other purposes and so on.

Different Methods Used to Check the Purity of Gold. All Gold testing methods are discussed in the above article.

Karat is the fineness of the Gold. Sometimes, it’s also spelled as carat, but carat and Karat are entirely different. 24 Karat is the Gold’s finest form. We’ve explained the difference between karat and carat in the article.


In conclusion, gold purity and quality are fundamental considerations for Gold. Information about gold purity provides a deeper understanding of the value and characteristics of Gold.