Gold Vs Platinum – Expert Tips for the Best Choice

Gold vs platinum differentiate

Gold and Platinum are widely used metals for jewelry. Both metals hold unique qualities. Owing these exceptional qualities makes them very special. Both the metals are highly precious. Gold is not just used for jewelry intent, but it also adds value to the currency and financial stability of a country. Most of the Central banks keep Gold reserves as the bank’s foreign exchange reserves.

Platinum, a white metal, is stylish and stronger too. Platinum is one of those metals which can be used in their pure form for jewelry. Unlike its show-off cousin, Gold!, Platinum is the secret behind attractive and durable jewelry. The hardness of Platinum and resistance to wear and tear make it suitable for daily wearing jewelry like Russian rings, etc.

Difference between Platinum and Gold

Let’s compare PlatinumGold in appearance, strength, price, durability, and density.


Gold has a warm yellow color. Its rich, shiny, and classic appearance makes it highly desirable. Platinum has a cool and stylish silver-gray color. Its decent and elegant appearance often appeals to those who prefer a more calm and modern look.


Gold, in its pure form, is a quite soft and malleable metal. It can be easily used for intricate designs and also get damaged easily. Therefore, Gold jewelry needs care and maintenance.
Platinum is comparatively stronger and more durable. Its resistance to deformation makes it suitable for holding valuable gemstones securely. It maintains its appearance better over the long term.


Gold and Platinum, heavy metals, are entirely dense. But Platinum is more denser than Gold. Platinum has a density of around 21.45 g/cm³, whereas Gold’s density is approximately 19.32 g/cm³

Gold price vs Platinum price

Gold and Platinum price differs at a 40-50 % ratio. Both have volatile prices, but Gold prices fluctuate more rapidely. If we analyze Gold vs Platinum price, Platinum carries high rates.

Gold vs Platinum Characteristics-Overview

Gold Characteristics

  • Gold is famous for its distinctive yellowish luster.
  • The malleability of Gold makes it most easy to mold metal.
  • Gold is denser than most other metals.
  • Gold is resistant to corrosion and doesn’t get tarnished.
  • Gold is a superconductor and is used in various electronic components.

Platinum characteristics

  • The natural silver-white shade makes it more cool and elegant.
  • Platinum is significantly stronger and more durable.
  • Platinum is even denser than Gold, which contributes to the weight and durability of jewelry.
  • Platinum is highly resistant to corrosion, which helps maintain its appearance.

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Different purities of Gold vs Platinum

24k Gold vs Platinum

24K Gold is 99% pure Gold. This form of Gold is softer and prone to damage. On the other hand, platinum is much stronger that it can be used in its pure form for different intents.

22k Gold vs Platinum

22k Gold is stronger and can be used for jewelry. It is basically an alloy of PlatinumGold. Whereas the hardness of platinum makes it useable in any form.

18k Gold vs Platinum

22k gold is primarily made of a mixture of Gold with a small percentage of other metals. It’s good in strength but less durable than platinum. Platinum, on the other hand, is a durable metal known for its stability.

14k Gold vs Platinum

14k Gold, a durable and strong alloy, holds less Gold than Higher Karats. A mixture of different metals increases the durability of 14k Gold. 14k Gold vs Platinum both enjoy approximately the same strength.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There is approximately a 40-50% difference in the prices of Platinum and Gold. Mostly, Platinum is more expensive than Gold, but not all the time. Sometimes, Gold rates also go higher.

Platinum and Gold both possess unique and outstanding Qualities. Gold has a warm, lustrous look, whereas Platinum holds a cool, stylish look. It’s totally up to the individual’s preference, what a person is looking for, and what type of attributes a person wants to have for their jewelry or other needs.

The value of platinum, in comparison to Gold, varies over time. Platinum is rarer than Gold, which gives it an exclusive vibe. Historically, platinum has often been more valuable than Gold, but this is not consistently the case.

Platinum is a rare element than Gold. According to the facts, 1,500 tons of Gold is mined, whereas only 160 tons of platinum is extracted annually. Platinum’s high density and weight also make it expensive.


In conclusion, Gold vs Platinum both possess different qualities, making them very special. But deciding which is better, Platinum or Gold? It is entirely up to the personal choice of yours. Gold owns charismatic charm and is an outstanding source of investment, whereas Platinum is robust and durable; it serves the objectives of various industries.