Gold Rate in Karachi

Karachi Gold rate today, As of June 12, 2024 10:29 PM

Rs. 241,150

24K Gold Rate in Karachi (1 Tola)

Rs. 206,750

24K Gold Rate in Karachi (10 Gram)

Rs. 20,675

24K Gold Rate in Karachi (1 Gram)

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Gold Price Karachi Today

As per updated data, the per tola 24K Gold Rate in Karachi is Rs. 241,150, 22K Price of Gold in Karachi is Rs. 221,053, and 18K rate of Gold in Karachi is Rs. 180,863.

The per gram 24K gold rate in Karachi is Rs. 20,675, the 22 karat Gold Price in Karachi is Rs. 18,952, and the 18K Gold Price in Karachi today is Rs. 15,506.

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Today Gold Rates in Karachi

As of June 12, 2024 10:29 PM, gold rate karachi today:

Per Tola Gold Rate Karachi

  • 24K Gold: PKR 241,150
  • 22K Gold: PKR 221,053
  • 18K Gold: PKR 180,863

Per 10 Grams Gold Rate Karachi

  • 24K Gold: PKR 206,750
  • 22K Gold: PKR 189,519
  • 18K Gold: PKR 155,063

Per Gram Gold Rate Karachi

  • 24K Gold: PKR 20,675
  • 22K Gold: PKR 18,952
  • 18K Gold: PKR 15,506

Karachi Gold Price Chart

Karachi Gold Market

Karachi, Pakistan’s economic heart, has long been associated with trade and commerce. Karachi is considered as an economic hub in Pakistan. The Karachi Gold market plays a significant role in shaping the financial terrain.

As of August 4, 2023, Karachi gold rates are experiencing fluctuations that resonate with the global economic scenario. The Karachi Gold Market has certain characteristics. Here are some key characteristics of the Karachi Gold Market.

  1. 24-Hour Trading 
  2. Jewelry Demand
  3. Bullion Dealers
  4. Imported Gold
  5. Consumer Preference

24-Hour Trading 

The Gold Market in Karachi Normally operates 24 hours a day, five days a week. This allows for continuous Trading and price discovery. The Karachi Gold rate is directly proportional to this factor.

Jewelry Demand

Karachi has a substantial demand for gold jewelry, especially during the wedding season. This demand can impact Gold price in Karachi.

Bullion Dealers

There are many bullion dealers and traders in Karachi. These dealers play a crucial role in setting Karachi Gold Price.

Imported Gold

Much of the Gold in Karachi is imported. Changes in Pakistan’s import regulations can affect the price of Gold in Karachi market.

Consumer Preferences

Generally, gold consumers in Karachi prefer 22K and 24k Gold. Still, it depends upon buying power, inflation and economic conditions.

Factors Influencing Karachi Gold Price

infkuence on Gold Rates in Karachi

Historical Facts

A massive change was recorded in the price of Gold in Karachi for two decades. Fluctuations in the rate of Gold in Karachi increased the price.

The table represents an increase of over 2,300% over 20 years.

YearAvg Rate per Tola (PKR)Avg Rate per 10 grams (PKR)