Gold Rates in Pakistan

Today Gold rate in Pakistan, As of July 10, 2024 11:37 AM

Rs. 242,000

24K Gold Rate in Pakistan (1 Tola)

Rs. 207,480

24K Gold Rate in Pakistan (10 Gram)

Rs. 20,748

24K Gold Rate in Pakistan (1 Gram)

As per updated data, for 1 Tola the 24K Gold Price is Rs. 242,000, 22K Gold Price is Rs. 221,832, and 18K Gold Price is Rs. 181,500. 1 Gram 24K Gold Price is Rs. 20,748, 1 Gram 22K Gold Price is Rs. 19,019, and 1 Gram 18K Gold Price is Rs. 15,561.

Introduction provides updated Gold rates in Pakistan. Discover the latest gold rates right here as per Pakistan Sarafa Market.

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Latest Gold Price in Pakistan

As of July 10, 2024 11:37 AM, the gold price in Pakistan today stand at:

Gold Rate24K Gold22K Gold18K Gold
Per Tola GoldRs. 242,000Rs. 221,832Rs. 181,500
Per 10 Grams GoldRs. 207,480Rs. 190,189Rs. 155,610
Per Gram Gold Rs. 20,748Rs. 19,019Rs. 15,561
Per Ounce Gold Rs. 588,200Rs. 539,179Rs. 441,150

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Gold Price in Pakistan

In Pakistan, like other countries, Gold holds significant importance in both the economy and the lives of its people. That is why investors, consumers, and policymakers closely monitor Gold prices.

Gold rates are directly related to some measuring units. These measuring units help to determine the rates. We have given a short overview of some of these units with the Latest Gold Price in Pakistan.

Gold Price Per Tola

Tola, the traditional unit of weight, is extensively used in certain regions. Most South Asian Countries, such as Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh, often use Tola for trading and jewelry transactions. So, in Pakistan, the gold price is primarily measured per Tola.

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Gold Price Per Gram

Though a gram is a small unit of mass, grams are particularly suitable for measuring precious metals like Gold because they allow precise and accurate measurements. Gram is also widely used for evaluating Gold prices. Gold price per Gram is commonly used in Pakistan.

Gold price Per Ounce

Here is another commonly measured unit, “Ounce.” An ounce is a comparatively larger unit than discussed earlier. In buying and selling Gold bullion ( bars or coins), the weight is often expressed in troy ounces (abbreviated as “oz”).

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Gold Price Chart

Remember that gold prices can change frequently due to different factors on a global and local scale. Therefore, keeping an eye on up-to-date Gold rates and market movement for real-time price changes is necessary.

The following gold rate chart shows the ups and downs of the price for gold in Pakistan over a year.

Daily Gold Rates in Pakistan

Record of the last 30 days’ Gold rate in Pakistan is listed below

23-Jun-24Rs. 242000Rs. 242000Rs. 242000
22-Jun-24Rs. 242000Rs. 242000Rs. 242000
21-Jun-24Rs. 242200Rs. 242550Rs. 242000
20-Jun-24Rs. 242350Rs. 242700Rs. 242150
19-Jun-24Rs. 241200Rs. 241200Rs. 241200
18-Jun-24Rs. 241200Rs. 241200Rs. 241200
17-Jun-24Rs. 241200Rs. 241200Rs. 241200
16-Jun-24Rs. 241200Rs. 241200Rs. 241200
15-Jun-24Rs. 241200Rs. 241200Rs. 241200
14-Jun-24Rs. 240650Rs. 241000Rs. 240450
13-Jun-24Rs. 240700Rs. 241050Rs. 240500
12-Jun-24Rs. 241150Rs. 241500Rs. 240950
11-Jun-24Rs. 240500Rs. 240500Rs. 240500
10-Jun-24Rs. 240500Rs. 240850Rs. 240300
09-Jun-24Rs. 239500Rs. 239500Rs. 239500
08-Jun-24Rs. 239500Rs. 23985Rs. 239300
07-Jun-24Rs. 242750Rs. 242750Rs. 242750
06-Jun-24Rs. 242750Rs. 243100Rs. 242550
05-Jun-24Rs. 241600Rs. 240850Rs. 240300
04-Jun-24Rs. 240600Rs. 240950Rs. 240400
03-Jun-24Rs. 240650Rs. 241000Rs. 240450
02-Jun-24Rs. 241300Rs. 241650Rs. 241100
01-Jun-24Rs. 241300Rs. 241300Rs. 241300
31-May-24Rs. 241650Rs. 242000Rs. 241450
30-May-24Rs. 241800Rs. 242150Rs. 241600
29-May-24Rs. 242300Rs. 242650Rs. 242100
28-May-24Rs. 240500Rs. 240850Rs. 240300
27-May-24Rs. 240400Rs. 240750Rs. 240200
26-May-24Rs. 240500Rs. 240850Rs. 240300
25-May-24Rs. 243200Rs. 243550Rs. 240300
24-May-24Rs. 243200Rs. 243550Rs. 243000
23-May-24Rs. 243350Rs. 243550Rs. 243000

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Gold Prices in Different Cities

Gold rates are almost the same across all cities in Pakistan. Come rain or shine, there may be slight differences in Gold rates across Pakistan. It can vary from city to city and even between different jewelry shops within the same city. More than a few factors can influence the differences in gold prices. Gold rate today in main cities of Pakistan, As of July 10, 2024 11:37 AM

Gold Rate in Karachi

Latest Gold Price in Pakistan (Karachi)

Per Tola Price of Gold in Pakistan for 24K Gold is Rs. 242,000, 22K Gold Price is Rs. 221,832, and 18K Gold Price is Rs.181,500.

Gold Rate in Lahore

Latest Gold Price in Pakistan (Lahore)

Per Tola price of Gold in Pakistan for 24K Gold is Rs. 242,000, 22K Gold Price is Rs. 221,832, and 18K Gold Price is Rs.181,500.

Gold Rate in Islamabad

Latest Gold Price in Pakistan (Islamabad)

Per Tola rate of Gold in Pakistan for 24K Gold is Rs. 242,000, 22K Gold Price is Rs. 221,832, and 18K Gold Price is Rs. 181,500.

Gold Rate in Peshawar

Latest Gold Price in Pakistan (Peshawar)

Per Tola Rate of Gold in Pakistan for 24K Gold is Rs. 242,000, 22K Gold Price is Rs. 221,832, and 18K Gold Price is Rs. 181,500.

Gold Rate in Quetta

Latest Gold Price in Pakistan (Quetta)

Per Tola Rate of Gold in Pakistan for 24K Gold is Rs. 242,000, 22K Gold Price is Rs. 221,832, and 18K Gold Price is Rs. 181,500.

5 Major Reasons to Frequent Change in Gold Rates in Pakistan

The global market, interconnected dynamically, is the primary cause of frequent updates in Gold prices. As Gold continues to be a vital asset for investors, common people, and traders, its prices respond rapidly to new information, market developments, and trading activities. The price of Gold
in Pakistan is updated frequently for several reasons. Some of these are:

  • Global market trends
  • Dynamic Market Factors
  • Economic conditions
  • Real-Time Information
  • Interconnected Financial Markets

Global market trends 

The global market directly impacts gold prices. Gold is traded worldwide; this market operates 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. Different occurrences at different marketplaces affect gold prices. As a result, international gold prices are continuously updated to illustrate the latest market positions.

Dynamic Market Factors 

Various dynamic factors interact to shape gold prices, such as economic data, central bank actions, interest rates, exchange rates, inflation, and currency movements, constantly resulting in the fluctuation in Gold rates in Pakistan.

Economic Conditions 

Economic conditions hold a significant role in defining the gold price. The law and order situation of a country directly influences the rates of Gold. A strong economic condition holds stable Gold rates.

Real-Time Information 

We are living in the digital age; information spreads quickly nowadays—financial news, trading platform information, and online resources impact real-time updates on gold prices. Gold prices in Pakistan quickly respond to real-time information.

Interconnected Financial Markets

Gold is linked to other financial assets, such as currencies, equities, and bonds. Changes in these related markets can influence Gold prices internationally, and as these markets update frequently, Gold prices respond accordingly.

Gold Bar Price in Pakistan

The gold rate today for gold bars in Pakistan is:

1 Gram Gold Price (1 gram)Rs. 20632
2 Grams Gold Price (2 gram)Rs. 41264
5 Grams Gold Price (5 gram)Rs. 103161
10 Grams Gold Price (10 gram)Rs. 206322
25 Grams Gold Price (25 gram)Rs. 515805
50 Grams Gold Price (50 gram)Rs.  1031610
100 Grams Gold Price (100 gram)Rs. 2063221
200 Grams Gold Price (200 gram)Rs. 4126442
250 Grams Gold Price (250 gram)Rs. 5158053
500 Grams Gold Price (500 gram)Rs. 10316106
1000 Grams Gold Price (1000 gram)Rs. 20632212

Frequently Asked Questions

Buying Gold is like investing money, so be careful and follow the steps.

  1. Find and compare the latest Gold rates in Pakistan.
  2. Define your budget.
  3. Approach an expert.
  4. Select a reputable seller/jeweler.
  5. Check the purity.
  6. Negotiate the price.

Commonly, Gold rates in Pakistan are measured per Tola. But Gram and Ounce are also commonly used, as the article mentions.

When you see the gold rates mentioned in newspapers or financial websites, these rates represent the cost of the Gold per unit (usually per Tola) without any additional charges. However, at purchasing time, there may be some charges. It varies depending on the seller or location.

Today’s gold price is determined by trading activity in gold markets, where supply and demand statistics play a key role. Today’s price of gold reflects the immediate market value.

Yes, differences exist. 24K Gold price is more than 22K Gold price. 22K Gold is more expensive than 18K. This differentiation  is due to the difference in the purity of Gold.


In conclusion, gold rates in Pakistan are subject to numerous factors like Global trends and economic conditions etc. Stay tuned with for the latest Gold rates in Pakistan to make informed financial decisions about purchasing, selling, or Gold Investment in Pakistan.